About Infinity Visuals

My Approach

When I work with anyone or any space, I work to capture candid, authentic moments as they happen.
I love to collaborate with my clients to document memorable experiences.
I am always love to discover and document stories, experiences and individuality.
- Israel Valencia, Owner + Photographer

Weddings + Engagements

It is truly my honor to be part of a couple’s wedding day and create images that will be touchstones for years to come. I am available for formal photography, but my specialty is candidly capturing the feeling of the day and between the couple and their guests. I seek out moments of beauty, honesty and specific personality. I have a flexible approach and always seek to make you and your guests feel comfortable as possible.


I consider portraiture to be a true collaboration between myself and the subject. I like to work with each person to find a location, lighting and style that will best reflect who they are and the image they’d like to project.

Events + Commercial Work

Like my approach to portraiture and weddings, I truly love to collaborate with my commercial clients to tell the story about their business, clients and staff. By first researching the brand, products or services and then discussing the specific message the client wants to convey, we can create meaningful, memorable images to be used online or in print. At events, I work to capture candid moments of the event features and your guests' experience.


I specialize in multiple day events and destination weddings. I am a curious traveler and always eager to explore new places in order to tell the story of the subject in a specific time and place. By being on site with my clients and really getting to know them, their families and friends, my true ninja photo-abilities come to the fore. I do not direct the activity, I carefully observe to catch pure moments of life as it happens.